Luxury Bespoke Tables
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Our audience

Prestigious hotel chains, starred restaurants, exclusive SPAS, elegant villas and all places where luxury and artistic sensitivity are a MUST represent the natural location for our solutions. Many builders, interior decorators, designers and architects find our collections to be a valid response to needs to enhance their projects with design products able to add a strong personality to spaces.

Our solutions

Those who have had the pleasure of meeting UNICA and learning its company philosophy have been able to appreciate the magic created in our artistic workshops. Something very different from a “simple” design product. They have been defined as “Works of art that enter the soul of an environment making it unique and emotionally inimitable.”

Our experience

UNICA, a 100% MADE IN ITALY design and product line, originated at Tecnotelai, a company that has been helping companies to set-up their work spaces for more than 50 years. This line combines artistic experience in craft processing of glass with the skills of internationally known Italian designers.

Our uniqueness

The alchemy generated by this union is our secret ingredient, necessary for producing exclusive pieces, objects that create magic, and which have no copy in any corner of the globe: from New York to Paris, from Venice to Saint Petersburg, and from Beijing to Tokyo; our desire is to create original environments and products, through an integrated union of ART and DESIGN.

It is precisely this close collaboration between artists and designers that creates the charm of UNICA.

The glass element, the unquestionable star of our collections, is transformed and renewed thanks to the artistic processing and combination with noble metals such as gold, silver, copper and other precious metals.

The blend of all these processes results in a unique product, able to stir strong emotions and sensations in anyone who welcomes it into their spaces.

A blend of innovation, eye for detail and aesthetic research The 18 step method, WOW effect and TRILLI effect to create magic.

Artists, designers and master craftsmen work with UNICA to create the perfect dialogue between aesthetics and functionality.

The furnishings, designed with selected materials and finishes, evolve into exclusive and original artistic elements.