Luxury Bespoke Tables


On November 22, 2018, Unica received the GOLD MEDAL in London when it participated in the prestigious international “London Design Award” competition with its Papaveri table.

Precious materials such as glass and steel combine perfectly together in an innovative, completely Italian design that eliminates barriers between areas, rooms, and buildings. In this manner, every area is transformed into a space that is literally steeped in nature, so the environment takes on the charm of a flower garden in full bloom.

 The designers were challenged to create products that could give life to unique environments in which nature is the undisputed star. Spaces which, even though they are indoors, could bring to mind outdoor areas overflowing with life and energy. Places where the psyche can feel at home, welcomed by those same elements it springs from, which are so familiar.


In the prestigious home of ADAM - Brussels Design Museum, Unica had the opportunity to compete with designers from throughout the world.

In this stimulating environment, Jinn, the bookshelf designed in collaboration with architect Roberto Semprini, belonging to Le 1001 Notte collection, received noteworthy attention and won the Silver Prize, standing out among the various projects for its innovative system and attention to detail.

The aspect of Le 1001 Notte that primarily impressed the judges was the perfect balance between Italian design and exotic suggestions. The result of this combination was a set of products with a cosmopolitan and timeless image, able to recall the past without giving up on the benefits of modern design.


On 9 May 2019 the Papaveri table, belonging to the Fioriture collection, received the Silver A 'Design Award in Luxury Design Category assigned by the International Design Academy.

The table, develops from the precise desire to create magical environments in which energy flows like in a "secret garden". Places of wonder and wonder where the eye never tires of observing.

The jury of the A 'Design Award & Competition includes influential members of the press at international level, established designers, important academics and important entrepreneurs.

The A 'Design Award is the largest and most influential recognition in the world of design that is presented every year in Italy.