Luxury Bespoke Tables

The Company

A creative Spin-off of Tecnotelai, Unica is a company devoted to the art of furnishing, focusing on the artistic processing of glass, precious metals, and semi-precious stones, with one major source of inspiration: nature.

The furnishing elements created by Unica are artistic objects able to bring magic to the exclusive environments that embrace them. The 100% MADE IN ITALY lines combine artistic craftsmanship with the skills of internationally famous designers.

Just like the natural elements from which it draws inspiration, Unica never offers copies of its own products. In fact, in every corner of the earth, from New York to Paris, from Venice to San Petersburg, from Beijing to Tokyo, there are only unique pieces that speak for high craftsmanship and Italian design throughout the world.

Made in Italy

Italian design is a reference point for the entire world of imagery, especially when an object is not just linked to a concept, but also to its special creation, when it is not just an original idea that makes the difference, but also the skilled craftsmanship used to make the object.

Not to mention the choice of materials. Unica only uses sustainable materials like glass, wood, and stainless steel, but also uses precious metals like gold, copper, and silver, in addition to natural stones, Swarovski crystals, and gold powder. These distinct components combine together to enhance any environment, through unique artistic compositions.

The original concept of Italian luxury.

The Unica concept is based on emotion, understood as the excitement to see, experience, and touch artisanal objects containing a spirit inside them. Creations able to capture attention and arouse emotions.

These are only a few of the elements that characterise Unica’s activity, fully supporting the cardinal principles of Made in Italy quality and acting as its spokesperson in international environments of greater cultural depth.

The Effetto Trilli

Every UNICA piece originates from the creative instinct of the company’s team of designers. Taking inspiration from travel to faraway lands, precious materials, and Nature, the UNICA artists create their works starting from an overflowing palate of states of mind. Transforming these stories into poetic suggestions, the creator of UNICA, Silvia Mazzolini, together with unconventional artists such as Monica Serra, go beyond the rules of classic design and the parameters of architecture to offer a hint of fantasy in every creation. This gave rise to the Effetto Trilli, a symbol of many UNICA works, featuring a play of golden dust, precious sparkles, Swarovski and natural stones, and engaging emotions.