Luxury Bespoke Tables
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The passion for shapes and materials, the major focus on details and continuous search for products that meet customers’ needs, have led to the development of “UNICA”, a prestigious and innovative line of exclusive products for the hotel business. And others too.

Our mission is to spread Italian excellence throughout the world. For this reason artists, designers and master artisans work with UNICA to create the perfect dialogue between aesthetics and functionality. The fundamental ingredient in a warm, pleasant and harmonious environment.

Silvia Mazzolini. Architect and designer, graduated from the University of Florence with the leaning “Protection and recovery of the architectural heritage”.
Art leads you to observe; it influences you and moves you, setting no limits. We are the limits with our spirit, thoughts, culture, and sensibilities. There are no rules for artistic expression, our mark establishes the “rules”.
Born in Rimini in 1959, Roberto Semprini studied architecture in Florence. In 1987 he joined the Bolidismo Movement which expresses design in a futuristic way. After moving from Florence to Milan, he started working as a freelance journalist for several design magazines like Modo, Vouge Italia, L'Atelier (Paris) and ARDI (Barcelona).