Luxury Bespoke Tables

An Architect Designer, she earned her degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino in 1991. Following studies focused on architectural design, she participated in European calls for proposals in the structural consolidation and conservation restoration sector. Since 1995 she has promoted complex infrastructure projects developed on a national scale and large restorations through her architectural services company, Arking Srl. She is also involved in the development of concepts for commercial franchising projects for both Italian and international brands, for which she takes care of the creative phase as well as the process aimed at developing the finished product.

In 2004 she founded the ARCADE studio, aimed more towards civil architecture and interior design, and developed a particular sensitivity to the modern recovery of historic architecture. Some of her projects were published in prestigious trade magazines.

Always looking for new materials, she applies them with creativity in the branch of custom furnishings and interior design products.

 Carola continuously collaborates with professionals, craftsman, and companies specializing in the furnishing industry for the creation of artistic furnishings and design products.  

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