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Art leads you to observe; it influences you and moves you, setting no limits. We are the limits with our spirit, thoughts, culture, and sensibilities. There are no rules for artistic expression, our mark establishes the “rules”.

People don’t decide to make art, because art is a part of “us”. You realize it when your vision and perception go beyond the surface, when in everything you do and every thought you have you naturally go beyond the boundaries.
My studies at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts and the competitions, shows, and various collaborations I have been involved in have been extremely important experiences for my artistic and professional growth.

I love experimenting with colour, hues, precision, controlled randomness, the clear mark, etc. I have a great respect for historical art; it is a fundamental nutrient. Today, creating with the awareness of the past allows me to reinterpret antique techniques with modern tools and materials, switching from glass to canvas to fabric, using enamels, epoxy resin, and food products such as sugar.

There is no limit to the imagination in technical elaboration aimed at qualifying the most diverse materials through their reuse. Maximum glorification of the pigment and chromatic contrasts influenced by informal art teachings has produced a boundless artistic openness in me.

Water is at the base of many of my creations. It is an element that is not easy to control since the fluidity of the pigment in contact with its surface undergoes continuous metamorphoses. Controlling these transformations through instinct and the subconscious brings out the emotionality of that precise instant, creating pictorial images that ignite our imagination and lead us to dream.

Emotions and energy are the signposts of my creative process. The context and people who enliven the location where I must operate are important tools for understanding how and what to offer. Synergy with “everything” creates the work of art.

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