Luxury Bespoke Tables

Architect and designer, she earned her degree at the Università degli Studi di Firenze  in “Protection and recovery of the architectural historic heritage”, specialising in bio-architecture and feng shui. After finishing her studies and spending 10 years freelancing, she decided to become involved in the family company that has been operating in the furnishing sector for work spaces for over 50 years. 

Her passion for art led to the UNICA brand in 2015 , with the ambitious goals to be able to combine spaces with the elements that they are comprised of. Thus, art and decoration of furnishings gave rise to unique environments in perfect harmony with those who use them day after day. ”Art, more than anything else, gives us the possibility to enter in the field of the unconscious and to interpret, through signs and colour, the sensations and desires that allows us to fully enjoy our spaces.”

Continuous investments in research and innovation  along with collaboration with master craftsmen led to the development of highly customised products, appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Today, Vanessa Stella’s challenge has been expanded to include consolidating the excellent results achieved in recent years, increasing the company’s presence in foreign markets, to bring Made in Italy excellence to every part of the world.