Luxury Bespoke Tables
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MADE IN ITALY design and manufacturing

Unica originates from a passion for design, the art of furnishing and Italian artisan experience. UNICA products are created from a selection of top quality materials, hand working of glass and continual experimentation. A synthesis of innovation, eye for detail and great aesthetics, thanks to which glass, wood and metal become elements of a kaleidoscope that highlights unique spaces just like the people who live in them day after day.

TRILLI effect

Each work originates from the creative instinct and love of art of Silvia Mazzolini. Based on her sensations experienced during numerous journeys in far-off lands, she transfers a pallet of feelings to mix and regenerate to her team. By transforming these stories into poetic ideas, artists such as Monica Serra break from the rules and classical design and architectural parameters, adding that pinch of folly making each single creation original and exclusive. This is the basis for the TRILLI effect, a play of golden light dust, Swarovski and natural stones, where our works express emotion through plays of sparkling lights and iridescent colours.

18 steps to achieve magic

During our special working of glass composed of a par excellence artisan programme with 18 single steps (including cutting the shape, moulding, laying the gold leaf and even the smallest finishing of this par excellence craftsmanship) there is a time when the artist, through the plays of natural light projected on the gold leaf, decides that the pigment has reached its maximum exaltation: the evocativeness and emotion of that instant gives magic to the furniture, generating what we call the “WOW Effect”.

It is then up to the artisan expertise, professional skills and emotional aptitude of our team’s designers to make art take on a rational and functional shape through designing that is unique and creative in its type, which helps every single decoration find its natural context. And to gain true admiration for the fortunate beneficiaries of the work.

Discover who our audience is, the solutions we offer, our experiences and the originality that is behind our works of art.

Artists, designers and master craftsmen work with UNICA to create the perfect dialogue between aesthetics and functionality.

The furnishings, designed with selected materials and finishes, evolve into exclusive and original artistic elements.