Luxury Bespoke Tables

"Eclisse" was born from the precise desire to create magical environments in which energy flows, as occurs in those special events that have always enchanted man and that we call eclipses.   Places of wonder that the eye never tires of observing. A sequence, an overlapping, a cancellation of circular shapes softened by the irregular organic shape of the crystal, the fluid graphics of celestial inconsistency, and the high or low, full or empty, metal bases. A material mixture of crystal and perforated metal for curved tables with lunar lines. 
This collection is composed of 9 tables, each arranged in 4 lines:  "Azimuth, Saros, Apogeo, and Prominence"; and three screens that give life to the "Eclissarsi" line.
High and low tables designed to expand and multiply their spatial dimension towards infinity have been UNICA’s answer to the precise desire to recreate that suggestion that only a special event can provide the observer: the magic of an eclipse in which the alternating light and shadows can merge regardless of the place and time.

Light and darkness in mankind's time. Dream, magic, and omens for a child who is born, a battle to be won, and a divinity to whom to entrust our destiny. Discovery and geometry that mark the art humans interpret and the colour that dances in the northern sky. None of us knows the beginning, but we know that the beauty, harmony, and complex laws that govern nature are two candles, the sun and the moon, passionate and romantic, that give rise to our hopes every morning and sustain our imagination every night. Every once in a while, playing with the earth, they trigger a different video: Eclipses. With our eyes towards the inception, a bit shy, like children, we follow them as they chase each other, overlap, and move away. Ancient fears re-emerge, and we still wait for answers, words. The waiting has a heartbeat. We uselessly think of a physics lesson, but tonight the sky only tells fables. At the end of the game, the balls roll elsewhere on the playing field, and we smile happily. The Light returns for everyone. (Cit. Nenè)