Luxury Bespoke Tables

The “Fioriture” collection takes shape from the desire to create magical environments in which energy flows as it would in a “secret garden”. So it originates from a fairy tale, a game; suddenly finding yourself as children, thinking of a table that is a flower, or rather a “flowering”, a flowery field in which you immerse yourself, lost at the sight of the play of colors and the gleaming of the glass top.
Wonderful places that the eye never gets tired of looking at, products able to give life to unique environments in which nature is recognized as the undisputed protagonist; spaces that include the suggestions of landscapes, overflowing with life and energy. Places where the spirit can feel at home, like a warm and welcoming embrace from those same elements from which it originated.
And then that gesture, repeated so many times and so familiar that we instinctively do it every time we find ourselves in a flowery meadow: the act of picking a flower, keeping it, or giving it to those who make our hearts vibrate. Likewise, the stem that emerges from the surface leads us back to that gesture, suddenly bringing us back to that garden, giving us once again the possibility of "picking" a flower, a rose, a poppy, or a lotus that will then be placed in its vase to enrich its space. In this manner, the blown glass flowers that rest on and protrude from the surfaces of the tops are ready to be picked and placed in small flower vases, also made with the same materials used for the structures of the tables. Small circular steel studs will then close the holes left open on the top, blending and camouflaging themselves into the floral decoration applied to the glass.
A table with seven leaves and endless floral decorations that expands and multiplies its spatial dimension towards a borderless place is UNICA’S answer to the desire to recreate the suggestion that only a field of flowers under a blue sky can provide the beholder.

Every blossoming flower reminds us that the world is not fed up with colours yet.