Luxury Bespoke Tables

The "Harem" collection is inspired by forbidden, mysterious, and evocative places.  With this collection we wish to create pieces with unique characteristics that can enhance and harmonize the most important spots in each space. A collection that pays tribute to the Orient, where Middle Eastern culture is mutated by Western customs that reinterpret suggestions through the creativity of enterprising designers, stunningly blending these two worlds in unison. This is how a collection with the taste of tradition takes shape, very similar to that described in the stories told for centuries.
Shapes and decorations in oriental tones blend with the minimal beauty of Italian design, illuminating a collection made up of opposites that come together to create a new shape. Traditional materials are combined with new technologies, the open becomes closed, and the transparent fades away into the opaque to the point of staging a truly magical scene of shapes and colors.

A dream is not what you see when you sleep. It's what keeps you from falling asleep.