Luxury Bespoke Tables
I 7 Viaggi di Sindibad

Console (Viaggio I) with glass top composed of 2 extra-clear tempered glass sheets with Swarovski® application between them, Trilli Effect (golden powder) and white / black painting on the bottom one. Thickness 18 mm. 
Tables (Viaggio II, III, IV, V, VI, VII) with extra-clear tempered decorated glass top, thickness 10 mm., with sandblasting for handmade stars, Trilli Effect (golden powder) and white  / black painting.
Laser-cut and shaped steel base and glossy white / black lacquering.


A silent night, the company of the stars. Lapping water lulling your thoughts. The keel caressed by the gentle waves. A glance towards infinity, a benevolent moon.

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