Luxury Bespoke Tables

The “Le Mille e una Notte” collection is inspired by the famous collection of oriental stories. The number “one thousand” in Arab means “infinite”, so 1001 signifies an infinite number. Thinking along those lines, with this collection we want to create unique pieces, capable of strongly characterizing the most representative locations of each place. It is a collection that combines the East and West, where the suggestions of the Arab culture are reinterpreted and transmuted through the creativity of an Italian architect, able to wonderfully blend these two worlds into one. This is how an ancient world takes shape, a world very similar to that described in the stories extolled for centuries in “Le Mille e una Notte”.
Oriental inspired decorations and colours blend with the essential beauty of Italian design. This gave birth to a collection made up of oxymorons, where two distant worlds come together, traditional materials are combined with new technologies, the open merges with the closed, and the transparent blends with the opaque to stage a truly magical scene of shapes and colors.

…whatever expression is used to enhance a beauty, it never gives the impression produced by the sight of beauty itself..