Luxury Bespoke Tables

The design is a bit like a puzzle. It is an occasional invisible and intricate path that never ends. In some cases it is scientific, precise, linear, in others it is pure magic, mystery, evocation. 
The feeling is that of playing a colored ribbon, with inextricable tangles, which makes it accessible to its public again and then rewinds itself in ever new, surprising and wonderful knots.
And so is life, a sinuous path, with infinite nuances, made of ups and downs, peaks and deep falls into the abysses, adventures and stasis, strong emotions and endless boredom. Because an experience, like existence itself, begins long before departure and does not end until the web of emotions continues to flow like an inexorable river.
And it is precisely the eternal flow of water in the river bed that inspired this collection, the desire to create something different from any point of view, always in line with the leitmotiv of all UNICA products and all forms found in nature.